Made from ceramics, each Home Living Ceramics piece imply a phased production process in which a great deal of time and effort is developed by hand. Starting from the first mould, made from plaster and moulded by an experienced and talented moulder, passing through a finishing phase where each piece is kindly sponged to gain a more homogenous surface till the process finishing in the kiln. In average each piece passes by 6/8 different pair of hands, being fired two or three times depending on the finishing applied. The handmade nature, the proper characteristics of the clay and of the glaze will interfere in the process and so to create an unique, unrepeatable and therefore special final piece. 

Despite the demanding standards to guarantee high quality, Home living Ceramics does not guarantee the exact reproduction of its pieces.

Precious Finishing

Copper, Gold or Silver glazes are luxurious finishing containing real precious metals in its composition and involving specific steps during production in order to obtain the best results. The use of metallic glazes in ceramics implies a so called third fire process where each piece is fired for three times in normal conditions.

Due to the strong properties of these precious materials, its behaviour it is always quite proper in each production, meaning that a finished piece may present slight tone variations and other properties that are inherent to the processes and materials used.

The complexity behind each Home Living Ceramics piece, the surprise of each result and its uniqueness are what make them so special and so luxurious.

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